VegFest September 2, 2018 - 10AM - 6PM
Pack Square Park
121 College Street
Asheville, NC 28801

"CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! We can't have a festival without your help! Please if you'd like to help make VegFest happen. THANK YOU!"


To the Return of Asheville’s Original All-Vegan Festival (Est. 2011), Brought to you by the Asheville Vegan Society.

Asheville VegFest, presented by the Asheville Vegan Society, is a celebration of compassionate eating and sustainable living, where vegetarians, vegans, and the veg-curious alike can explore and celebrate the benefits of plant-based eating. Held in gorgeous Pack Square Park in beautiful downtown Asheville, this family-friendly event will feature live music, speaker sessions, local beer, a kids’ activity area, and best of all—food!

Asheville's original vegan festival was established in 2011 by the Asheville Vegan Society. Be sure to attend Asheville VegFest for a day of great fun, lively entertainment, and delicious vegan food and drink.

A wide variety of vegan fare will be available for purchase from multiple food vendors and restaurants, and free samples will be provided as well. Think of it as a delightful vegan epicurean feast. We’re expecting thousands of attendees, so make sure you come join the fun! Admission is FREE, so we hope to see you there.

Why Vegan?

Today, vegan food is more readily available than ever. From options on restaurant menus, to entirely vegan eateries; from specialty treats like artisanal cheese and non-dairy ice cream, to the produce and packaged goods found at any grocery store--options abound for those choosing to eat vegan, in Asheville and around the world. Making the one simple (and tasty!) choice to follow a vegan diet has a resounding impact—on the planet, human health, and the lives of thousands of animals. This is why we’re so passionate about bringing Asheville VegFest and Vegan Awareness Week to you.

Why Should You Attend Asheville VegFest?

Because you are…

  • Curious about a plant-based diet
  • Interested in new companies and products
  • A foodie who wants to taste what’s fresh and new
  • Looking for something to do that’s fun and free
  • A fan of live music
  • Committed to helping animals and the environment
  • Interested in connecting with other veg folks in the area

Vegan Awareness Week

Asheville VegFest is not only a celebration of vegan food and drink, it is also the culmination of Vegan Awareness Week. During the week leading up to VegFest, we will hold a different event each day - with two events on Saturday September 1st. Please see the Vegan Week Events page for details.

Mayor Manheimer has proclaimed August 27 - September 2 to be Vegan Awareness Week. This is the third consecutive year she has done this, encouraging people to educate themselves on the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle.